Civility Report 2012

report2012BannerIn the Peace Worldwide Organization (P.W.O.) Civility Report 2012, Dr. Mehdi Alavi reviews all countries within the United Nations and provides human rights, democracy, peace, and civility scores for 128 countries.

This original report is intended to provide a tool that can be used to assess countries for their good domestic and international conduct using a scale of 0-100. The country with the world’s highest Civility Score goes to Finland, scoring 79. Is this the best that our world can offer in the 21st century? Clearly, all nations have a lot amount of room in order to improve their Civility Scores.

The analyses and scores in this report provide a great tool for the governments to prioritize their reform policies in order to improve their international standings. Also, they can assist governments, international public and private entities in assessing their risks of conducting business in other countries.

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